The Madrid Bridge loses at least 30 containers overboard on route to New York 

Reported January 11th, 2022 by Ocean Network Express (ONE) as a customer advisory, the container ship, Madrid Bridge has lost at least 30 shipping containers worth of goods while on route to it’s destination port in New York on January 7th in the North Atlantic Ocean. 

“It is not currently clear how extensive the collapse of stow is but it is reported that the vessel lost at least 30 containers overboard,” reported cargo claims specialist, WK Webster, which added that recovery issues will arise in respect of any cargo lost overboard and damage sustained by cargo stowed to other containers involved in the collapse of stow but remaining onboard the vessel.

“We are currently seeking to establish the extent of the losses overboard and damage to cargo,” added WK Webster.

2021 marked a record year for container losses overboard and as the modular shipping container industry is expected to continue to grow at a compound annual rate of 6% or more,  one can expect these problems to continue. As container collapses and cargo ship fires become more commonly reported, pressure is surely mounting on government officials and industry leaders to find solutions that will protect not only the employees onboard ships and the goods within the containers but oceans on which they travel.